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  Abutting on the world famous scenic spot Leshan Giant Buddha, SICHUAN GUOZHONG INVESTMENT (Group) CO., LTD is a privately owned leading corporation in Leshan City of Sichuan Province with comprehensive capabilities and multiple trades. It has SICHUAN YAXI RUBBER & PLASTIC MACHINE CO., LTD (also called YAXI MACHINES) and SICHUAN ZHUGEN BOILER CO., INC (also called ZHUGEN BOILERS) as its backbone affiliate companies in the manufacturing trade. SICHUAN GUOZHONG INVESTMENT (Group) CO., LTD owns also other eight enterprises involved in coal mining, real estate, logistics, transportation and so on. 

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Storage Transportation & Storage Air-entrapping Self-pressurization Accessories
Cryosurgical Engineering Liquid Nitrogen Pump Special Carbide Twist Epoxy & Antimagnetic